• Designed for automatic feeding of aquarium fish
  • Feeding is performed at the set time
  • A special algorithm prevents feed jams
  • Parameters can be changed using the buttons and the display/li>
  • The feeder can be controlled from the smartphone
  • Can be integrated into the smart home system

Tech Specs:

  • Types of feed: dry, finely granulated, flakes.
  • Bunker capacity: 288 cm3.
  • Feed system: screw.
  • Two-line liquid crystal display.
  • Built-in non-volatile clock.


  • Up to 4 feedings at a given time.
  • Built-in bluetooth module.
  • Power: 5V through the 220 V adapter from the electrical network.
  • The case is made using 3D printing.

Automatic feeder for aquarium fish "DOMOVOY" - an open source project. You can compile it yourself using the documentation provided below.


Automatic feeder for fish "DOMOVOY". Electronic circuit  Automatic feeder for fish "DOMOVOY". Case in STL format  Automatic feeder for fish "DOMOVOY". Firmware for ARDUINO IDE  Automatic feeder for fish "DOMOVOY". Instructions
DOMOVOY get it on Google Play

We will be glad if you want to take part in the further development of the feeder and the expansion of its capabilities.

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