"DOMOVOY" - is a model range of smart devices developed by our center. These devices have functions that can be programmed by user. Each of the devices supports integration with external systems, for example, with the "smart home" system.

You can make any of the devices by yourself. The documentation contains all the necessary information for creating the device.

The architecture of devices based on the Arduino platform. The electrical circuits of the devices are easy for understanding the rules of operation. Programming with Arduino IDE provides an easy modification of the firmware for your own needs.


Smart Fish Feeder

Allow to organize fish feeding by schedule with dosage of feed.

The devise is managed viaa mobile application and has the ability to integrate with a smart home system.


Heater Controller

It allows to maintain the set temperature in the room by controlling the mode of the gas boiler. Integrates with most gas boilers on the market. Managed via mobile app and sms messages. It has the ability to connect wired and wireless temperature sensors.

On the development stage.

Led Lamp "DOMOVOY"

This is a 3D printed led lamp with power-off function by timer. The sleep timer turns off the lamp 30 minutes after activation. The timer has a fixed activation time and cannot be changed. The lamp can also be turned on/off manually at any time. The lamp is powered by a 12 volt power supply.